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Method of biological rehabilitation of reservoirs, being used as the source of water supply, fish farming and technical wastewater of Wastewater Treatment Plants at agricultural and industrial factories.

Chlorella is considered a long-liver of our planet, existence of which is measured in more than three billon years. Green algae are the most numerous group of algae, which evolution in aquatic environment didnt lead to forming more difficult and massive thallus with differentiation into tissues. Chlorella is a small, round or ellipse cell of about 8 mkm. Under standard conditions the quantity of chlorella multiplies in four times during twenty-four hours and it happens more than 3 billion years. It actively photosynthesizes, absorbing carbon dioxide and enriching water with oxygen, at the same time it takes nutrition from water with the whole cell body surface. In photosynthesis process chlorella is able to use up to 12% of Sun energy while terrestrial plants use only 1-2%. Chlorella destroys pathogenic organisms very actively at enough amount of light as it doesnt have any bacteria-satellites or pathogens, so pathogenic bacteria die during a microalgae live activity.

Getting into water chlorella doesnt settle to the bottom and doesnt glue to upper vegetation but floating in the upper level (to 40-120 centimeters) of water and photosynthesizing intensively and multiplying. A few days is enough for chlorella to become a dominating microalga in the given water level, to enrich it with oxygen and remove the waste of carbon dioxide, organic and non-organic agents. During this process the entire pathogenic micro flora is destroyed. Since chlorella is the best nutrition for zooplankton its quantity is increasing. During algolization of reservoirs in spring months blue-green algae dont reproduce fast as chlorella manages to absorb nutrients necessary for their growth. When reservoirs are already infected with blue-green algae insertion of our strain allows to lyse their concentration and transfer their decomposing products, within the photosynthesis process, into protein, lipids, included in chlorella structure.

But not every chlorella strain is able to fight the blue-green algae; its only possible with the one cultivated in  NPO Algobiotehnologia Ltd. The strain is protected by patent RF 1751981 and it is adopted for consignation by K.A. Timiryasev Institute of the Russian Academy of Plants Physiology.

Regulation and algolization technology with chlorella strain have been cleared out. By present time weve used the said above method in Beloyarskiy, Nizhnetagilskiy, Lenevskiy, Chernoistochinskiy and Verhne-Viyskiy water reservoir, and in other water reservoirs of drinking supply and fishing purposes in all geographic zones in The European part of The Russian Federation. For the last 4 years 500 water supplies have been rehabilitated. Positive results have been documented. There are no negative results.  Water in the Matirskiy water reservoir (Lipetsk district), where the work has been completed, has changed its cleanness class to the second class from the third according to the conclusion of specialists of Rospotrebnadzor in the Russian Federation. In Sverdlovsk district for the first time in 30 years the Beloyarskiy water reservoir hasnt bloomed, and citizens of the whole city Zarechniy could swim safely during the whole hot summer 2010. In the Nizhnitagilskiy water reservoir after the first seasonal chlorella introduction, concentration of heavy metals has decreased.

The method doesnt have any ecological problems, as all the processes, which it causes in the water reservoir, are aimed at improvement of water quality, increase in the amount of dissolved oxygen and elimination of pathogenic  bacterial plankton. Chlorella itself is useful fodder  for microfauna of the water reservoir.

The method is applied for any fresh water reservoir (with saltiness lower than 18 ppm). As a result of its mission this method restores the balance in flora and fauna of the water reservoir. The method doesnt have any economical alternative as its expenses are dozens of times lower than with any other method of fighting water bloom.

Our factory's manufacturing capacity lets us perform annual biological rehabilitation of water reservoirs even those used as water supplies in areas more than 10 000 km2, we can act as a performer to solve problems connected with supplying of clean fresh water to factories and citizens.

In case of a threat of water bloom in water reservoirs and fishing ponds (can happen anywhere), or in case of semination  with pathogenic microflora in the water, NPO Algobiotehnologia Ltd performs their algolization to prevent water bloom with blue and green algae and to rehabilitate the water reservoir sanitarily. Algolization is performed up to the intensive growth of blue and green algae from February to August. Non-freezing ponds in the south of Russia are algolized in the period of the lowest vegetative activity of the blue and green algae: December, January, February. 

Industrial and agricultural factories possessing clearing-pools with flowage more than 100 hours can solve the problem of waste waters using our method. Any spring-summer time is possible for their biological rehabilitation. Algolization is performed within the time period coordinated with the Customer, but not earlier than 7 days after money coming into the settlement account of NPO Algobiotehnologia Ltd.

To achieve and maintain a positive result in the fight with water bloom NPO Algobiotehnologia Ltd reccommends to perform algolization 4 years running. During the first year mainly water purification occurs (chemical oxygen consumption and biochemical oxygen consumption  reduce, biogenes numbers go down) and the water reservoir meets winter with high oxygen amount. Second year of algolization launches numerous trophic chains. The third year consolidates, and the fourth finishes the process.
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