MainScientific activityThe Activity of the Limited Liability Company "Algobiotehnologia" in the research field

The Activity of the Limited Liability Company "Algobiotehnologia" in the research field

Chlorella is used as a biologically active supplement for a human-being with the purpose of the immune system reinforcement, against cancer, as a health-promoting means, especially for debilitated patients with asthenia. Medications made of algae fasten healing of wounds, eczema, scalds, prevent baldness, normalize the work of gastrointestinal tract, restore sexual potency etc. Powders, ointments, alcohol and greasy extracts, suppositories and pills are made of chlorella. The fact that 1 kg of arachidonic acid the technology of which is made of chlorella costs 700, 000 $ on the world market proves the fact that components of algae have high biological value. 

Chlorella is widely used in all developed countries for enrichment of foodstuff with biologically value nutritive materials. 

In Japan about 4 tons of dry chlorella is used annually for producing dairy drink. Each bottle of this drink contains 0, 5 kg of chlorella. In this country chlorella is added to bread, confectionery, ice-cream, paste goods etc. The Japanese firm СJapan chlorellaТ produces about 1000 tons of dry chlorella monthly used for different purposes. On the island Taiwan chlorella is being raised for 30 years, they get about 1, 5 thousand tons of dry basis every year. In Malaysia and the Philippines about 500 tons of chlorella is spent for foodstuff. Chlorella contains not only a lot of proteins, vitamins, microelements, but it can also contain pigments without which lively creature will not be able to synthesize ferments necessary for normal metabolism, for example, chlorophyll, which is called Сgreen goldТ because of the identity of its molecular structure with the molecule of hemoglobin. It must be mentioned this microscopical algae rich in chlorophyll is an effective means against anaemia due to not only the content of vitamin B12, folic acid, iron and amino acids but also due to the fact that chlorophyll under the influence of iron getting to blood flow fill blood with oxygen and turn into haemoglobin. Chlorophyll is known not only because of these qualities, it also has a good influence on digestive system: increase effectiveness of vermicular movement, normalize excreta of digestive juice, remove inflammation etc. Besides, chlorophyll supports cardiovascular system and prevents development of new formations, has antiseptic and regenerating qualities. Chlorophyll is also applied in the field of stomatology. In 40s years of XX century professor S.L. Goldberg managed to improve the state of health of about 300 people suffering from paradontosis with the help of this value pigment. Later the sphere of its usage in stomatology became wider, it was found out that with the help of chlorophyll we can neutralize infectious affection of gums, fight with some types of stomatitis as well as stop gingival bleeding, strengthen enamel, favour regeneration of tissues. Chlorella contains 5-10 times more chlorophyll than spirulina. 

It was found out that the chlorella suspension helps normalize the level of sugar in blood, refresh breathing of people suffering from chronic halitosis. We have achieved good results in healing diabetic skin sores with the local usage of chlorella. The material the walls of chlorella cells are composed of has a special effect on bowels. This material of fibers improves the functions of bowels delivering it from dyspepsia in several days and stimulate the growth of aerobic bacteria. It is also the main agent removing toxins with stools from straight intestine, by the way, not only natural toxic waste products of an organism but also environment toxins such as pesticide and heavy metal. By nowadays we have worked out and tested the concentration technology and the technology of drying of the chlorella. The results of our research have shown that our culture produces more amino acids and vitamins than that one supplied from abroad. Dry chlorella is used around the world as a biologically active supplement , an ingredient for foodstuff, a raw material for medicine and cosmetics. There are no other producers of chlorella in Russia except our company.
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