MainWaterMatyrskiy Water Reservoir (46 km2)

Matyrskiy Water Reservoir (46 km2)

As a part of the state contract with Lipetsk region an ecological problem was being solved constant and rising eutrophication of Matyrskiy water reservoir (figure 1). 

biological rehabilitation of Matyrskiy water reservoir by means of algosenosis correction. 

To fulfill the aims the following tasks were defined and completed:

   cyanobacteria development reduction in favor of green algae development;

 prevention of cyanobacteria development of the following types hanizomenon, nabaena and Microcystis; 

   reduction of general pollution level in Matyrskiy water reservoir;

   improvement of ecological conditions in the water; 

 restoration of recreational potential of Matyrskiy water reservoir. 

In accordance with the state contract to perform biological rehabilitation works in Matyrskiy water reservoir by means of algosenosis correction the following works have been completed during three years:

 1. Initial regimen and the main ecological problems of Matyrskiy water reservoir were defined;

  2. Water reservoir monitoring was performed;

  3. Biological rehabilitation project was developed;

  4. Biological test in waters of Matyrskiy water reservoir was carried out;

  5. Native-born strain was sorted out;

  6. Strain adaptation was done;

  7. Introduction norm was estimated and introduction point was found;

  8. The necessary amount of algolisant was grown, it was delivered to the introduction point where algolisation was performed;

  9. Acclimation rate was determined;

 10. Hydro-chemical assessment of water in Matyrskiy water reservoir was performed;

 11. Algosenosis assessment was performed in Matyrskiy water reservoir;

 12. Results assessment system without use of special equipment was developed;

 13. Office processing of work results was performed, and conclusions were drawn. 

The hydro-chemical data of water, quantitative and qualitative structure of phytoplankton in Matyrskiy water reservoir were used as the main assessment criteria of the works performed. 

According to the data of chemical water tests of the given reservoir during the whole monitoring period dynamics in changes of the main compounds concentration and indicators values were tracked. We have included: hydrogenious indicator (), dissolved oxygen amount (mgr/decimetre3), biochemical oxygen consumption (mgr2 /decimetre3) and chemical oxygen consumption (mgr2 /decimetre3).

Relation data are shown in figures 2-5.

 Figure 2                                                                                                   Figure 3

 Figure 4                                                                                                   Figure 5

Thereby, hydrogen values during the whole monitoring period do not contradict MPC. Oxygen amount tends to decrease, which is caused by fast development of hydrobionts popullation, which is proved by a high level of biochemical oxygen concentration (BOC5) and chemical oxygen concentration during the whole monitoring period. Besides, pfytoplankton was tested in the waters. The circular diagrams (figures 6-11) demonstrate the influence of our algolisant on vital functions of cyanobacteria.


  Figure 6                                                                                               Figure 7


  Figure 8                                                                                                 Figure 9


 Figure 10                                                                                               Figure 11

The diagram depicted in figure 11, shows percentage ratio of algae biomass in September 2011in the checkpoint the Pioneer Pond. This object is behind a dam, and algolisation wasnt performed there.

To evaluate the investigation result of Matyrsk Reservoir waters, statistical data processing of chemical water analysis with the use of overall refined pollution indicator (ORPI) was carried out. 

This index is integral and allows to characterize geo-ecological situation of the investigated territory, the waters in particular. 

The index can be calculated by the formula: 
                    ORPI = ∑ i log2 n                                                                   (1)

where i concentration ratio to the each element which is calculated by the formula: 
               i = Ci /, MACi,                                                                               (2)  
where Ci concentration of i element in the analyzed sample; 
MACi maximum acceptable concentration of the element; 

n number of analyzed elements 

Minimal limit of the index for ≤32 components is -3, which corresponds to natural level, formed by pollutants. 

According to the data during the period 2008-2011 dynamics of changes was analyzed, which showed positive algolization influence on ecological condition of Matyrsk Reservoir (figure 12) 

So complete algolization of Matyrsk Reservoir allowed to avoid algal bloomssuch as hanizomenon, nabaena and Microcystis and lead to improvement of water quality.


Figure 12


Figure 13- condition of Matyrsk Reservoir water in July 2011

In 2012 and 2013 on Matyrsk reservoir was monitored. He has shown that good results have been achieved in 3 years algolization saved till now.
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