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Algolization benefits

Method of  introduction of green algae chlorella into water reservoir solves not only the main task: elimination of water bloom with cyanobacteria, but also provides:

 significant improvement of water quality in terms of concentration of pollutants, such as heavy metals, oil products, phenols, inorganic forms of nitrogen and phosphorus;  

 decrease in biochemical and chemical oxygen consumption;  improvement of organoleptic indicators; 

 significant reduction  of bacterial semination  with pathogenic microflora in the water; 

 enlargement of dissolved oxygen in the water up to the norm during the entire vegetative period; 
 enlargement of feeding resources in water fauna;
 refusal to depress phyto and zooplankcton; 

 restoration of the recreation potential. 

The method doesnТt have any ecological problems, as all the processes, which it causes in the water reservoir, are aimed at improvement of water quality, increase in the amount of dissolved oxygen and elimination of pathogenic bacterial plankton. Chlorella itself is useful fodder for microfauna of the water reservoir.  

The method is applied for any fresh water reservoir (with saltiness lower than 18 ppm) no matter if its origin is natural or artificial. As a result of its mission this method doesnТt interfere with the balance in flora and fauna of the water. 

The method doesnТt have any economical alternative as its expenses are dozens of times lower than with any other method of fighting water bloom, and the profits significantly rise due to additional positive results. 
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